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The Galaxy Nexus Announced

The Galaxy Nexus was announced earlier today in Hong Kong by Samsung and Google.  The first surprise is that it will not have "Prime" in its name. We should be used to this as most phones are given a code name during the development phase. Too bad, because I liked the name Nexus Prime. Also the first "Google Phone" was the Nexus One, followed by the Nexus S, so putting Nexus after Galaxy does not flow. Fortunately, this is the only strike against the phone.  The Galaxy Nexus specs (iPhone 4S specs in blue): 1.2 MHz, dual-core vs 1 MHz, dual-core 1 GB RAM vs 512 MB 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera vs 8 MP rear camera, VGA front camera 1280 x 720 resolution with a 4.65 inch screen vs 960 x 640 with 3.5 inch screen 0.89 cm thin, 135 mg vs 0.93 cm thin, 140 mg Only two buttons: volume rocker and power vs volume rocker, power and ring silent button No SD card, internal storage 16/32 GB options vs No SD card, internal storag

iPhone 4S Announced and Not iPhone 5

Today Apple announced their fifth iPhone, we have had, in order: June 2007, iPhone July 2008, iPhone 3G  June 2009, iPhone 3GS June 2010, iPhone 4 For this iPhone, we were all hoping for an iPhone 5, which is to mean, a redesigned phone. Instead we got an updated iPhone 4, we got the iPhone 4S.  What we did NOT get: A bigger screen, the iPhone 4S will be the usual 3.5". 4G! This is huge, can people wisely enter into a two year contract without 4G. 3G might be good enough now, but what will happen in a year with carriers shifting their resources to 4G LTE? When websites continue to demand more bandwidth? When our lives inch closer to the cloud? This launch reminds me of the first iPhone, the 3G technology was there, but Apple chose the safe route and went with 2G. When Apple released the iPhone 3G a year later, it rendered the first iPhone obsolete. Many mactards were "forced" to upgrade.   What we DID get: A dual core processor and bump in RAM