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The Death of the Paper Receipt

Yesterday, I was surprised by the use of an "old" technology, the e-mail, used in a new way. This started when I accompanied my wife to Macy's so that she could get some Origins lotion. Why women have to shop is beyond me, why women have to buy expensive lotion is also beyond me. Men, just know that is how they are, you can only hope to contain their appetite to shop, good luck! It is funny how they always "need" something. Makes you wonder if women understand the meaning of the word "need"... Either way, I love my wife. Anyways, back to the expensive lotion. After doing some asking at the Origins section of Macy's, my wife has the lotion she wants, Ginger Souffle. We take the lotion to the counter to pay. After I hand the young lady helping us at the counter my credit card, she asks me if I want a paper receipt or an electronic receipt. I am confused. I have never been given this option before. I ponder, "Well a paper receipt is nice,

Three Thoughts: Chrome for iOS

About two weeks ago Google released Chrome for iOS (i.e., the operating system for the iPad, iPhone,and iPod Touch). For those that are not tech savy, know that Chrome is a web browser much like: Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. While Apple's Safari is a decent option to use as a web browser on my iPhone and iPad, I have always longed for Chrome. For almost three years Chrome has been my main web browser on my desktop. Thought 1: Chrome for iOS is a much better option than Safari for iOS. You should definitely download it if you have an iOS device. Tabbing and opening up a new window is smoother and more efficient with Chrome. For example when you open a new window in Chrome, all your favorite sites show up as large icons, which allows you to get to the sites you like in the shortest possible time. Chrome also has incognito browsing, which allows you to browse the web without leaving any tracks. Do not abuse it! Lastly, Chrome for iOS has the unibar , which allows for the use of

What is Radiation?

Radiation has a big problem. The problem being that the public has a negative perception of it. The negative public perception of radiation is fueled by misinformation which leads to fear. Fear not, but instead respect radiation. Radiation is just a type of energy, much like heat and electricity are a type of energy. As with any energy form, too much going through our bodies can harm us. To feel safe and be safe around radiation, you must understand it. Radiation is either elementary particles (i.e., photons, electrons) or a composite of elementary particles (i.e., neutrons, protons) or a composite of atomic particles (i.e., alpha particles) traversing through space. Here are some key points about radiation: Some radiation (i.e., photons) is mass-less. Photons (i.e., light) are electro-magnetic waves that range from large wavelengths (radio wave, micro wave) to small wavelengths (x-ray and gamma ray). In the middle of the spectrum are infrared, visible light, and UV photons.