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The last weeks have been a whirlwind. After patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note II to come out on Verizon for three months, I snapped. On Friday, November 23, 2012, which is also known as "Black Friday", I bought the HTC Droid DNA. Why would I buy the HTC Droid, if I wanted the Galaxy Note II? Two good reasons at the time. One, I wanted a large screen, the Droid DNA has a large 5 inch display with a stunning 441 pixels per inch. Two, I knew that the Galaxy Note II was coming out in less than a week, so if I had buyer's remorse, I could "easily" exchange the Droid DNA. Since the horrible exchange experience I suffered through is not the topic of this story, I will quickly summarize it: Two phone calls to *611 which is Verizon's customer support Three trips to three different Verizon corporate stores Two long nights of searching for a non-existing paper receipt Unnecessary stress on my sweet wife I will never buy something again, if I h