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The Android Betrayal

I have been with Android since it's beginning on October 2008 with the introduction of the T-Mobile G1. After three years of prophesying Android... after converting many of my friends to the Android platform... right before the launch of the of Galaxy Nexus.. I betrayed Android. I bought an iPhone 4S on Verizon. Of course, I did NOT betray Android, it only feels that way because because a few of the Android converts constantly accuse me of being a "backstabber". And the multitude of iSheep*, above on their pedestals, give me a smug look like if they knew one day I would see the truth and that time is now. To be fair, I have always said, that the iPhone is the best phone for most people. I just did not happen to be that person, mostly because of my lack of respect for AT&T. The latest iPhone has debuted concurrently on AT&T,Sprint, and Verizon thus everything changes. Originally, I wanted to wait and see what the Galaxy Nexus had to offer. I wanted to expe