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What is Google Offers?

Back in the Fall of 2010, Google tried to buy Groupon for $5.3 billion. Groupon said No thanks! Maybe it was a bad move by Groupon since the business model they run is innovative, BUT can be easily replicated. In fact, Livingsocial existed before Groupon. You also have Facebook Deals that debuted this year. And now you can add Google Offers. Check out the video above for more information on Google Offers. The gist is that it really is no different that all the other coupon sites. Which brings up the question, are we overloaded? How much time in a day can we spend browsing through offers and deals? For my part, I do not want to sign up for more than two of these companies. If you do not feel overloaded, go over give Google Offers a try, clicky here!

Apple's WWDC, This Coming Monday

This coming Monday, June 06, 2011, Apple will be hosting its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The following are expected to be big talking points: iCloud service. Apple's entrance into the cloud music arena, with the backing of all the major music labels and iTunes. Game over Google and Amazon... iOS 5. The next version of the operating system that runs the iPod Touch, iPhone, and i Tampoon  iPad. New Mac OS, "Lion". What is secret, but many including me want to know, is will the iPhone 5 be unveiled? Please Mr. Jobs, give me an iPhone 5 with Verizon's LTE network...  I do not care anymore about how you got your liver.

Even More Horrible Customer Service from HTC

Recently, I got an e-mail from HTC asking me to call them back since I was dissatisfied with my customer service experience after my Nexus One phone died on me. HTC even gave me a name to ask for. So I called today and I am even more disappointed with them. The HTC employee did not seem to give a $#*% in the world that I was rightfully unhappy. She pretty much told me the warranty "is what it is". I tried to argue that the power button issue on my Nexus One is a known issue. As a known issue HTC should recall the phones or at least offer free fixes. Keep in mind two things, I was not looking for a hand out. I have already cancelled my phone contract and my phone is on its way to Mexico for one of my cousins to use (he knows people). I still respect the quality of most HTC products, but this is a bad juju point on their record. When you type "nexus one p" into a Google search bar and the auto complete's first suggestion is "nexus one power button&quo