The Death of the Paper Receipt

Yesterday, I was surprised by the use of an "old" technology, the e-mail, used in a new way. This started when I accompanied my wife to Macy's so that she could get some Origins lotion. Why women have to shop is beyond me, why women have to buy expensive lotion is also beyond me. Men, just know that is how they are, you can only hope to contain their appetite to shop, good luck! It is funny how they always "need" something. Makes you wonder if women understand the meaning of the word "need"... Either way, I love my wife.

Anyways, back to the expensive lotion. After doing some asking at the Origins section of Macy's, my wife has the lotion she wants, Ginger Souffle. We take the lotion to the counter to pay. After I hand the young lady helping us at the counter my credit card, she asks me if I want a paper receipt or an electronic receipt. I am confused. I have never been given this option before.

I ponder, "Well a paper receipt is nice, but you never really know what to do with them. You are always reluctant to throw them out and they end up collecting, which contributes to your clutter at home."

Then I ponder about an electronic receipt, "Macy's is going to ask for my e-mail, which means that they might send me junk e-mails later, but I do not have to worry about bringing a paper receipt home. Plus, I can always unsubscribe to e-mails. And I cannot lose the receipt."

The choice was too easy! The fact that I would not accumulate paper junk and always have a copy of the receipt (provided I did not delete the e-mail), was too appealing. So I went for the electronic receipt. The choice was so easy that I already see a future with no paper receipts. I feel bad for the people without e-mails. But really, how many of those people are left?


Adriana Kss said…
I love you too My Husband.....

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