Technology Definitions

There are some key technology definitions that one must be familiar when reading our site. Here they are:

  • iSheep: See Mactard.
  • Mactard:This is a derogatory term used for an Apple fan. The loyalty runs so deep in these people that they will buy a real turd if it had an official Apple logo on it.
  • Noob:This is a person that is new to an experience. For example if you are a new player to World of Warcraft, you are considered a noob. A noob in World of Warcraft will likely get his group killed, hence the negative connotation. The noob is synonymous with newbie, newb, and nub.  
  • Troll:This is a person that loves to piss off people. The troll feeds off the negative energy of the person he angers. You can find the troll in the comments sections of articles, in forums, and in real life conversations. However, trolls in real life are rare, since most trolls prefer the anonymity of the internet.
  • User Interface (UI):The space where human and machine interaction occurs.  Another way to look at is the system by which we interact with machines.

More to come, as necessary.