Cell Phone Customer Service [US Market]

On our guide to buying to a new smartphone, one of the first things we advised to look at was the carrier for that phone and specifically their customer service. I'm sure we all know somebody that hates "x" carrier because they received sub par customer service. But that's not a good way to get statistically valid numbers, the sampling population is just too small.

But if there was a study with around 10,000 people, then we might be getting closer to a good sampling population, which is what we have with JD Power and Associates. The study they performed involving wireless carrier customer care was conducted from January to June 2010. To quote from their press release,

"Now in its eighth year, the semiannual study provides a detailed report card on how well wireless carriers service their customers in three contact methods: telephone calls with a customer service representative (CSR) and/or automated response system (ARS); visits to a retail wireless store; and on the Web. Within each contact method, the study measures satisfaction and processing issues such as problem-resolution efficiency and hold-time duration."

The ranking for wireless carrier customer care is the following:
  1. T-Mobile (5 of 5)
  2. AT&T (3 of 5)
  3. Verizon (3 of 5)
  4. Sprint (2 of 5)
I'm not shocked that T-mobile was the best. But, AT&T in second place surprised me a bit, we'll see if they can keep it up.


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