Small Huge Change to File Sharing

They've actually been around for quite some time now, but if you're anything like me, and on the definite lower end of everything tech savvy, then you've probably just discovered the wonders of cloud computing softwares.

Backup and file sharing services has never been as easy and convenient, thanks to web-based online file hosting services like Dropbox and Mozy.

Cloud computing may seem a small change, given that we've been sharing, emailing along information, paying bills, even ordering lunch over the Internet for who knows how long now. But this small change is actually a huge change to our information technological world. The bundle of storage and sharing is not only bigger, we can now use and access personal computer files from any computer over the web, and luckily breath easier knowing that if a 16,000 lbs elephant stomps over our laptop, all our data and files will be safely secure and accessible over an Internet connection. Hallelujah.

Almost all file hosting services have a monthly and/or annual fee, but for the most part, a lot of them also offer a free 2GB of data storage. Rates and pricing terms differ for different sizes of data storage, and also host services. For Dropbox, the pricing terms are: free of charge for 2GB, $9.99/month for 50GB & 100GB costs $19.99/month. Although the main purpose and function for most hosting services is the same, file storage, some services focus on different specifics. For example, Dropbox focuses on synchronization and sharing. So depending on what you want to get out most from your cloud computing system, be sure to look at the types of features that the hosting service offers.

I have Dropbox installed on both my Mac and iphone, and it's lived up to the value of my old timer flash drive, which can finally retire now, me thinks. I personally prefer Dropbox for the functionality of being able to share any folder, file, picture with whomever regardless of the type of operating system they have. Thumbs up.

Go now in peace, to store, sync and share files online, across computers, and from anywhere in the world.. so long as you have an internet connection.


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