Tech of the Month

Hi everyone! So this is going to be my monthly post about stuff that interests me and hopefully spread the word through this blog.

So I'm sure everyone is still buzzing about the newest gadgets revealed at the latest CES. As much as I would love to talk about all the hodge podge of smartphones and tablets, there was one particular technology that caught my attention. Fulton Innovation's "eCoupled" technology is taking wireless to an entirely new dimension.

This wireless technology is based on inductive coupling where you're basically using the current through one wire to create a voltage through another wire. This technology is already being used by Wireless Power Consortium (in which Fulton Innovation is one of the founding members) and their "Qi" technology (pronounced chee). The wireless technology allows you to charge your mobile device by simply laying it on a charging pad (no wires necessary from device to charger).

I highly recommend going to the eCoupled website and playing around with their flash presentation. Imagine being able to power appliances by simply placing the device on an eCoupled counter top. Imagine always having a hot cup of coffee on your desk waiting for you at work. As the technology develops and more commercial support is applied, imagine never having to carry a cord for your electronic devices or having to find enough outlets in the house for your electronics ever again! An added incentive for me: not having any cords for your pets to chew on!

Anyways, I hope I've enticed enough of you to at least check out their website. Please leave comments or questions if you have any. See you next month!


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