The Wall-E Future is Now

The video below demos a completely new way to search. The name of the company behind this technology is Qwiki.  The developers of Qwiki were partially inspired from a scene in Wall-E.  Check out the video.  Skip over to the 0:35 mark if you don't want to watch the intro.


Unknown said…
Although, this is only in its alpha stage; I can see this being the new version of wikipedia for kids. A simple search on a topic and it will connect you to every thing there is to know about it and better yet you don't have to read.

It is kind of ironic how in Wall-E humanity was wasted because of our obsession with automation and consumption. Yet here we have a company that was inspired to create an innovative way for people to be lazy once more.
timeofthetech said…
we are becoming lazier... not only are we going to get physically worse, but our brains will turn to mush, i read an article how reliance on GPS takes away hippocampus function as we age,

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