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February Tech of the Month

Hi everyone! So this month's tech of the month ties in a little bit with the Xbox Kinect post and we'll discuss the future of interfacing with your gadgets. Now I'm sure most of you have already seen Mr. Scientology himself Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report. The premise of the movie is a super computer (spoiler alert) solving crimes before they actually happen.

Now as much as I love TC (Tom Cruise), I'm here to talk about that badass computer he was messing around with. If you think that was all sci-fi and extremely futuristic, watch this video...

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

The technology featured on the futuristic movie is actually a fully functional system that's available today. One of the more intriguing applications I can think of is surgery using robotics and this system. Imagine having accessibility to the best surgeons in the world at your local hospital. Local specialists at your operating table and robots being guided by the best surgeons half a world away.

If you've seen the Christmas edition of Kung-Fu Panda, you'll undoubtedly remember the scene where the rabbit is preparing a dish for the panda and the panda waves at a friend passing by. As he waves at his friend, the guards arrest the rabbit and the rabbit is banished from the kingdom forever disgracing himself and his village. Imagine using this system and casually waving at a coworker (maybe throw a gang sign in there). All of a sudden, all of your hard work gets erased or worse... cut off the wrong leg. Oops! Jejeje...

But in all seriousness, the possibilities are endless with this technology. For my own personal benefit, I would like to see this system set up with either a first person shooter i.e. CoD: Black Ops or even better a MMORPG i.e. WoW. Make it happen Blizzard and Oblong Technologies! Preferably earlier within my lifetime!


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