From Android to iPhone?

In late August of this year my T-mobile contract will expire. I signed with T-mobile back in October of 2008.  My math is a bit rusty, but that sounds like a three year plan. Regardless... I will be a free agent!

I will diligently look for the best phone, which includes exploring every option. One option is the iPhone 5, which should be out by then. It sounds odd for an Android disciple like me to even think of getting an iPhone. I've had the first Android phone, the G1. I've had the second Android phone, the MyTouch. I have the first "Google Phone", the Nexus One. I'm constantly spewing praises for Android, as if I were being paid. But even I know that the iPhone is a damn good phone. And with the iPhone 5 certain barriers to entry, could be taken down, they include:
  • AT&T is no longer the only carrier. Bonus points if the iPhone can make it to T-mobile.
  • The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a 4" screen.  All iPhones have 3.5" screens, which is the smallest screen that should ever be bought.  My Nexus One phone is the same physical size as an iPhone, yet it has a 3.7" screen. This is a no-brainer, Apple MUST increase the screen size. 
I may have many full moons before the big decision, but let it be known, the the Venn-diagram has been started. Android vs iPhone.


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