Top Five: Android Applications

Not long ago I was left without a smartphone for a week. The power button on my beloved Nexus One decide to stop working, so I sent the phone out to get repaired. What's worse is that I didn't have a back up "cheappy" phone. Old fashioned methods of communication came to the rescue, Google Talk to chat and Yahoo Mail to send texts. During that dark week, certain application on my phone were badly missed.

Top five android applications that were missed:

  1. Google Maps.  Searching for the nearest gas station, looking at traffic. Most importantly, the free turn-by-turn navigation. Google maps is available on other mobile operating systems, however, the free-turn by turn navigation is a Google Android exclusive.
  2. News and Weather. Every morning before I wake up I'm used to checking the weather on this stock Android application. The news section is a great cross section of national and international news sources. This application is perfect for those times when you're waiting on someone.
  3. Bank of America. Or insert your bank app (i.e., Wells Fargo, Chase). When you're operating on a tight budget, having your bank information at your immediate disposal is a blessing. You never know if that chocolate twist donut you've been craving all day is going to make your overdraft.
  4. Flixster.  The number one movie application for Android and the Apple iOS.  If you frequent the movies often, this application is a must have. The application is gorgeous and easy to navigate.
  5. Browser.  Without the web, I felt naked. Knowledge was no longer at my fingertips. As a friend, Matt, once said referring to smartphones, "How else would you ever settle bar disputes on the spot?" It's not like we walk around with a paperback Wikipedia.


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