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Xbox Customer Support

About two weeks ago, I received what could be the worst news any Xbox owner could receive. I was playing a game when all of a sudden the screen froze. I looked at the Xbox and lo and behold, I saw three red lights blinking at me... taunting me and telling me, "this is the end for you".

Now we've had this console for almost 3 years now and we didn't get the extended warranty from Costco. I was freaking out! I searched all over the web for any solution to the Red Ring of Death (RRoD); blogs and Youtube videos all testing the urban legend of the wet towel trick. All the reviews I read of the wet towel trick absolutely debunk the solution by the way. It basically overheats the system and resets the computer (not to mention the fire hazard). This was a temporary solution as the RRoD would come back after a while anyway.

Now I didn't want to spend any money buying a DIY repair guide and I didn't want to risk burning my apartment down. So I went to the Xbox Customer Support Website and a miracle happened. Instead of the one year warranty that I was expecting from Xbox, there was a special three year warranty specifically for the three rings of death. The registration and repair request process was extremely easy. It took a total of three weeks for Xbox to repair the system from sending the free overnight shipping label to my apartment to finally receiving my repaired system. I didn't have to spend a single penny. In return for not having my system for three weeks, Xbox sent a complimentary 1 month subscription to Xbox Live. All in all, an absolutely excellent experience.

I would highly recommend (if you're still under warranty) to use Xbox Customer Support. The entire process is extremely painless and you don't have to worry about any temporary fixes. If you are out of warranty and are pretty tech savvy, I would highly recommend watching this guide:


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