Xbox Kinect vs Nintendo Wii

So I recently bought the Xbox 360 Kinect which identifies YOU as the controller and no longer requires the use of game controllers. When I first saw the ads for these a couple of years ago, I was completely blown away. Watch this video...

Now for a long time Nintendo fanatic like myself (no joke, I've got the Wii, Gamecube, 64, Super, Regular, and FamCom), this was pretty breath taking. The wireless age is about to go to the next level in gaming. No more balance boards or remote controls to make your way through an obstacle course or yoga position. You have full control of your character... whether or not you're coordinated enough to maneuver your character is another story.

I've owned the Wii for a long time now and the Kinect absolutely blows the crap out of the Wii system. I'll have to admit, the Kinect is still a few more years before it ever gets to the sensitivity that Natal Project boasts but this is pretty darn close. It captures almost all of your movements through the Kinect camera. Obviously there will be some limitations to the system... you can't exactly walk your character forward without running into the tv. Beware there is an optimum amount of space required to play and even more space if you want to play multiplayer. 6-10 feet is good.

A few friends have already tried it out and have had an absolute blast playing the system (I've got the Kinect Adventures game and Dance Central). For all you parents out there who criticized children for being lazy by playing video games all day, pfft! I've been sore for the past few days by simply playing these games for about an hour a day. Make sure you make room for the kids, cause they will break something if you're not careful. Also, be kind and invite your neighbors in the downstairs apartment. It'll save you and your neighbors a lot of stomping.


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