Prophecy I: Science becomes Magic

Have you ever thought about the pace that science is evolving? Well if you are like me, you have. And you have most likely concluded that technology, which is defined as the practical application of science to commerce and industry, is accelerating at an ever increasing rate.

For example, look at the history of making of making a phone call:
  • Let's start at the rotary dial, remember those things, we were stuck there for decades.
  • Then we got push buttons, Hallelujah!
  • Now we have voice dial, speed dial.
What can be faster than than pushing a button for speed dial or speaking "dial so-and -so"? How about just thinking the action of dialing someone and then your phone beings to dial? That sequence of events, my friends, is the beginning of "magic". There will be a future where we just think of something and an action outside of our body occurs. Maybe we will be able to create fire or electricity with a single thought. I wrongly estimated that we were at least a century away from this advanced technology. However, thanks to a scoop by my friend Matt, there is already a company working on this type of technology and they have results.

The company's name is NeuroSky, check out their website here.


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