Android Application: Sleep as an Droid

Sleep. Good 'ole sleep. With food, they form the basic needs of our bodies. Hence, it is not surprising that both give us so much satisfaction. Yet we neglect the basic needs of our bodies. I am guilty of staying up late for no good reason. Not surprisingly, I feel like poo poo the next day.

So when my friend Matt suggested the "Sleep as an Droid" application to help me manage my sleep, I jumped on it. The application is a special alarm clock. "Sleep as an Droid" has a trial version that is good for 14 days. After the 14 day trial period, I bought the unlocked version. A month later, I am still using the application. "Sleep as an Droid" has helped me sleep better and thus feel better overall.

Here is what I like about "Sleep as an Droid":
  • The alarm wakes you up gently. No longer do I wake up abruptly and jittery. First the application will start to vibrate and then slowly increase in volume.
  • The alarm tracks your sleep cycles based on the sensors on your phone. You will have to set the phone on your mattress next to you, this has not been a hassle for me. Since the application is able to identify your sleep cycle, it will do its best to wake up in your light sleep cycle.
  • This application keeps track of your sleep statistics (i.e., average hours of sleep, sleep cycle graph).
So if you want to sleep better, give this application a try. For $1.43 you can get the unlocked version, here is a link to their page, clicky here.


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