The Significance of the Year 2350

During my 26th birthday-happy-hour celebration, I put a temporary passcode on my phone. The passcode was set for the rare case that I would consume too many fermented drinks. You see, I did not want to call or text people if I were to overconsume.

The passcode that came to me that day was 2-3-5-0, that was the year I wanted to be born in. I associate that year with a period of time when we should be approaching the highest possible technologically advanced society. A society where energy is limitless thanks to nuclear fusion. That pesky little energy that we have been "30 years away from harnessing" for the past 70 years. That energy source which would solve our energy problems. That energy source that would make trips to Mars and beyond feasible.

In this advanced society of 2350, we have spaceships that travel at the speed of light! In 2350, we are finally exploring the universe like in Star Trek. Please note: I am not a Star Trek geek, but the concept of exploring the universe is cool. Also, how far would the science of medicine be by then? Most diseases would surely be cured. Food and water would be less scarce. Food would exist that tasted just like McDonald's french fries, except it would be extremely healthy...


However, living in 2011, feels like we are in a transition period of humanity. A transition from our nomadic past filled with spears and grunts, and the future that awaits us in 2350. At times, I feel like an ape, still riding in a car that needs gasoline. After all, Karl Benz invented the gasoline automobile in 1885.

But in order to benefit from the future of 2350, we must survive other technologies along the way, they are the following:

  • Nukes from World War III. Studying our human history the war is inevitable, but the choice of weapons does not have to be.
  • Green house gases that cause global warming. The scientists that denied global warming are back on board. Yes it is real.
  • Sentient machines leading to the "robot apocalypse". Let us not create them in the first place. Okay?
  • Apathy caused by virtual reality worlds. We can see the start of this in games like World of Warcraft, imagine 50 years from now the types of virtual worlds that will be created. These virtual worlds will distract us from the progress we can make in this reality.


mohammas said…
you are so weird. wanted to be born about 300 years later?!

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