Google Music Beta is Out

Long ago, when Amazon announced their cloud storage/music player, the wise tech bloggers predicted that Google and Apple would also come out with their own cloud storage/music player. One prophecy has come to pass, Google recently announced Google Music Beta during their annual event at Google I/O.

As part of the Google Music Beta launch, those with Android phones should have seen an update to their stock music application. The update was a much needed face-lift to Android's "fugly" music application. No longer will Android users be ashamed to browse their music library while in the company of iPhone owners. Yes, I admit, I was secretly jealous of the iTunes player for iPhone. Too bad iTunes still can not connect to the cloud.

Google Music Beta is only available through an invite. If you would like to request an invite from Google click here. From the video above, Google Music Beta looks smooth. Google Music Beta can help to integrate your music collection on your hard-drive with your Android phone or tablet. However, I am hesitant to use Google Music as my primary cloud music player, because Google is already my first choice for many other services: phone operating system, e-mail, maps, and blogging. Although, I trust (barely) in the founders of Google, Sergey and Larry, they will not always be around. I am also conscious of not helping to create a monopoly in any industry, so from time to time, I'll support the "little" guy (i.e., AMD, Sega, T-mobile).

If you manage to get an invite from Google or your friends that already have an invite, let me know your thoughts on Google Music Beta.


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