Phone Tip #1: Change Carriers, Get Money

Did you know that by switching carriers, you may be eligible for a credit?

Since I am in the process of looking for a new phone and carrier (buh-bye T-mobile), I called Sprint to see what kind of magic they can work for me if I were to cancel my contract with T-mobile and port my number over to them. If I signed up for a non-smart phone two year contract, Sprint would give me a $50 dollar credit. That is impossible though, because I will never sign a two year deal with a "dumbphone". And neither should you. Sprint was also offering a $125 credit for a two year contract with a smarthphone. Now we are talking...

Keep in mind, there were two caveats with the Sprint offer:
  1. I would still have to pay my cancellation fee with T-mobile, which is $50 dollars at the moment.
  2. The credit would not show up in my account until 60 days after my contract started.
I have yet to talk with Verizon, but I surmise they have a similar program. As always when trying to get these deals, talk to a supervisor if possible, they are more likely to "bend" the rules. The front-line customer service employees are trained to say "No".

So if you are looking to switch carriers, call up another carrier and see if you can get a credit for switching. It is worth a shot. Unless you do not like saving money.


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