R.I.P. Nexus One

"I have a Nexus One that was sent for repair twice within a year of purchase, for dust inside the screen and a power button malfunction. After one year from the date of purchase and 5 months since the last repair, the power button died again. The power button is a known issue, I am highly dissatisfied that I have to pay to get my issue resolved since my warranty expired. I'm in the market for a new phone and I am reluctant to ever buy an HTC phone again, and will voice my opinion when others ask me for phone advice. A generic "we're sorry we couldn't resolve your issue" would go a long way. If you ignore me, I will be even more infuriated with HTC. I can be contacted by e-mail. My phone line has been disconnected since it's hard to have a phone plan without a working phone. Thank you."
And that my friends is how I finished off my HTC customer satisfaction survey under the "comment" section. As you can infer, my Nexus One phone has died. I am without a smartphone for the immediate future and who knows how much longer after that. The San Diego vacation I just took with my girlfriend was interesting to navigate without a Maps application or GPS turn-by-turn navigation on my phone. We had to go back to the "olden" days of 2008 and look up directions on www.maps.google.com on a computer before setting off on each adventure. Eh....

You see, I was preparing myself for a new phone in August 2011 when my phone contract was set to expire. To exacerbate the issue, there are no phones that excite me at the moment. We must always be sure that the phone we get will stand the test of time, two years to be exact. So I am looking for a phone that is 4G, preferably on Verizon's LTE network, dual core, and with a front facing camera. If it is an Android phone, I am willing to wait until January 2012 when the new Nexus phone comes out, I hope HTC does not make it... And as I said before the iPhone 5 is always an option. Although with the iPhone 5, I would not be surprised if it did not have 4G.

Either way, the next several months spent searching for my next phone will be fun. I'll be sure to keep you updated.


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