Science Never Disappoints...

Technology advancement is amazing. From a record player to an iPod Nano, computers the size of a room condensed to the size of a business card, technology is always evolving. Behold the next great invention!

A Thermochromic Wiz Wall! [Link]

Pee on this thing and it changes color based on heat. It works pretty much like a mood ring, except I don’t think you will want to put this on your finger to check your mood, I guarantee it will be foul. I can only imagine what kind of debauchery this wall will produce. I for one, cannot wait until one is placed at my local watering hole so I can per-fect my Urinal Unicorn, rainbow colors and all.
No longer will the human male, and in some cases, the female gender be limited to just standing in the cold and writing their names in the snow. Thank you scientists, you never disappoint!


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