Forty Days Spent With a Flip-Phone

After the death of my beloved Nexus One, I survived for 40 days with my work provided flip-phone, a Motorola i686.

I decided not to replace my Nexus One with a smartphones because I did not feel like any of the smartphones out there were worth having for the next two years. Plus, I was in money saving mode. What better way to save on your phone than by not having a cell phone bill?

So, how was going back to a dumbphone aka flip-phone? Surprisingly, the experience was tolerable.

If you think you can not go back to a flip phone, know that you can, because I have done it, and few people out there exist that are attached to smartphones as me. So there is hope for those looking to save money on their cell phone bills provided you are not stuck on an evil contract that requires you to mortgage your house to cancel. We as humans possess the ability to get obsessed with things easily, but luckily we can go the other way. We can adapt to "difficult" situations. Sure, typing texts without a full keyboard was annoying and not being able to browse the web was "inconvenient". In reality, I was able to focus more on my life, than obsessively refreshing internet pages. Using a flip-phone was liberating.

But I must confess, if money was not an issue, I would already be the proud owner of a Samsung Droid Charge running on Verizon's 4G LTE network...


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