Almost 40 Days with Metro PCS

After spending 40 days with my work flip phone (see previous post), I was forced to get my own phone. I chose to get the Huawei Ascend from Metro PCS, that was 40* days ago.

Why did I chose Metro PCS:
  • It was cheap, $50 dollars per month for unlimited everything. Compare that to ~$100 per month for the big three carriers (e.g.,Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon). T-mobile you are still dead to me.
  • There is no contract! Imagine that.
What I do not like about Metro PCS:
  • Their internet connection is slow which makes it difficult to watch videos or stream music. Think back to the first generation of DSL/cable modems which came after 56K modems. You will constantly connect at 100 kbps or below.
What I like about the Huawei Ascend:
  • The phone is cheap, at around $100 without a contract.
  • The phone runs Android 2.2.
What I do not like about Huawei Ascend:
  • The phone lags a lot, especially when multitasking.
  • The phone does not have a standard 3.5 mm jack, this is annoying for when you want to buy headphones or a male-male cable to connect your phone to your car stereo.
In these times, saving money is a priority, so I will probably keep on using this phone until a great phone comes out. A great phone that is worthy of a two year contract which will set me back $100 per month. The Nexus "Prime" or iPhone 5 might be the phones that take the Scrooge out me.

*If you are wondering why I keep on using 40 days, the answer is because 40 days is a good time period to test something.


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