The Best Android Keyboard: Swiftkey

There are many keyboards out there for Android. To name a few, they are:
  • Android Stock
  • HTC Sense
  • Samsung TouchWiz
  • Swipe
  • Swiftkey
None of these keyboards are the perfection that is the iPhone keyboard. Hence, if you have an Android phone like me, you are stuck with the second best keyboard experience. The second best experience is not automatically a bad thing. Insane example, would you not like to be world's second richest person?

Swiftkey is the best Android keyboard option for the simple reason that it will give you the fastest and most accurate experience. The auto-correction is the best in the business and it only gets better over time as it learns from your past inputs.

Here is a comparison of the the previous version of Swiftkey versus the Ice Cream Sandwich stock keyboard.

The newest Swiftkey introduced "flow" which is essentially Swipe. But you are not obligated to "flow", since you will still have the best auto-correcting experience without it.

Swiftkey is a bit pricey at $4.00, but it is worth every penny because it greatly improves a function of your phone that you constantly use. If $4.00 is truly too steep for you, watch out for specials, Swiftkey goes on sale for $2.00 from time to time.


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