The Itch for Netflix

Ever since I got my own place, I felt like three was an emptiness. In the soul of my apartment was an abyss created by the lack of Netflix. Recently, I was able to save up money to buy a product that could stream Netflix onto my TV.*

As always, I explored all options with as much objectivity as my rationale could afford. Here were the challengers:

  • Google TV:  $300/$400. Gorgeous user interface, replaces the HDMI output of your TV feed. $400 dollar box has Blu-ray. 
  • Blue-ray Player with Built in Wi-fi:  ~$180. Self explanatory.
  • Roku:  $60/$80/$100. Need $80 dollar box and above for 1080p resolution.
  • Apple TV:  $100. Syncs to iTunes.  
  • Xbox:  $200/$300/$400. $400 dollar Xbox comes with the revolutionary Kinect system. To stream Netflix, a $50/yr Xbox Live fee is required.
  • PS3:  $300/$400. Comes with Blu-ray.
  • Wii:  $200. Plays Wii game. Wii motion system has become outdated by the Kinect.
Some systems had Blu-ray, which is something I coveted:
  1. Google TV.
  2. Blu-ray player with built in Wi-fi .
  3. PS3 .
Some systems functioned as gaming systems:
  1. Xbox with Kinect!
  2. PS3.
  3. Wii.
Some systems were under $200:
  1. Roku
  2. Apple TV
  3. Blu-ray player with Wi-fi.
Aside from the Wii, I ultimately had a strong case for all the challengers. But my priorities started with price. So what did I choose? I'm the proud owner of Apple TV! It's relatively cheap, cheap enough that I was able to afford an $80 Toshiba Blu-ray player. Too bad my TV doesn't have 3 HDMI outputs for my Blu-ray, Apple TV, and cable.  

*  It's really hard to beat an $8/month unlimited streaming plan.


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